Mobile app conversion just got easier



  • Consistent mobile conversions require a cohesive approach from CX to attribution
  • Moving past customer journey tracking snags is a prerequisite
  • Resulticks’ Shake it to Map It feature covers all bases with user-friendly and seamless data consolidation

From 5G, cashless payments, QR codes, social media, and more, COVID-19 has sped up the global adoption of digital channels, among which mobile occupies a pivotal position. However, this paradigm shift in consumers’ channel preferences has been prevalent long before the pandemic.

It is essential for almost every brand to provide a seamless mobile experience, one that is consistent with the customer’s journey on other touch points while also reflecting the specifics of mobile channels.

Orchestrating mobile CX

Mobile channels are an avenue with multiple aspects, ranging from the conceptualization of the mobile CX and the development of necessary apps, to the creation of campaigns and more. The one element on which many tend to stumble, however, is attribution—the part where marketers need to track and attribute conversion-related actions and events occurring on their mobile apps.

Why do they stumble? Excluding any issues in the apps, marketers face hassles in tracking mobile app conversions because they lack the tools to execute them. Compounding the challenge is the fact that those that still carry out tracking efforts anyway have to invest significant time and resources in their endeavor, increasing their reliance on IT support.

Resulticks’ Shake It to Map It

Relegating the mapping of mobile app conversions to the backend is a compromise. Every new event or trigger has to be included through reliance on an IT team. Our Shake It to Map It feature alleviates this, allowing marketers to identify events and actions that need to be tracked and respond to them in real-time.

Process flow


The brand’s mobile app we see in the GIF has already been integrated with RESUL. The platform’s built-in CDP has unified audience data from the mobile app and is now capable of enriching it with any newly captured information through bi-directional synchronization.

Data consolidation is available from other solutions with a CDP component as well. Our integration enables support on multiple levels. In RESUL, when you reach the conversion setup screen, following the simple instructions will suffice to synchronize your brand mobile app with RESUL.

Now, the app screen on your phone will be directly projected to the RESUL platform. You can utilize a range of options on the platform to select and specify the conversion events that need to be tracked for your marketing communications. All brand-specific events are configured during implementation, minimizing last-minute crunch for IT to track a new set of events when a campaign begins.

Learn more about Resulticks’ mobile marketing capabilities. Request a personalized demo for a closer look at how our platform can make a difference for you.


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