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  • Proliferation of big data

    Global healthcare big data analytics is expected to reach a value of $34.27 billion by 2022.

  • Ensuring cyber security

    89% of healthcare organizations experienced a data breach in the past two years.

  • Irrelevant communications

    Nearly 58% of patients consider good communications—follow-up reminders, for example—key factors in a 5-star review.

Solutions tailored to the healthcare industry
  • Audience data platform

  • Customer engagement

  • Conversion attribution

Audience data platform

Customer engagement

Conversion attribution

Audience data platform

Create prospect and patient profiles—and manage data more effectively—by integrating online and offline data from all your sources: hospital management systems, patient administration systems, healthcare CRMs, appointment booking systems, newsletter subscriptions, wearables, call centers, and medical mobile apps.

Personalize all your marketing efforts by automatically organizing audiences into sophisticated, multidimensional patient personas, such as fitness enthusiasts, working professionals, senior citizens, young mothers, and more.

Expand your reach by identifying potential customers with AI-driven look-alike targeting based on the attributes of your most valuable existing target segments.

Create and target precise audiences for your omnichannel campaigns with Resulticks’ advanced segmentation module, which offers access to a wide range of attributes like fitness level, health issues, health attitude, income level, and propensities.

Safeguard the privacy of consumer data with Resulticks' multiple layers of robust protections. Maintain the integrity of business unit database by keeping storage at the account level. Resulticks is accredited by the Privacy Shields Framework and GDPR/CCPA/HIPAA-compliant.

Customer engagement

Orchestrate consistent wellness experiences across journeys

Orchestrate, deliver, and optimize consistent patient experiences across the full spectrum of engagement—discovery, enquiry, appointment, checkup, treatment, and loyalty—at any time and touch point.

Track indvidual journeys

Embed the Resulticks Smart Link in targeted social media ads to help identify individual leads and track their omnichannel journeys starting with the first encounter and beyond.

Deliver seamless customer experience

Integrate your online and offline communications for a seamless healthcare experience with real-time insights across your network of healthcare delivery sites, pharmacies, and specialized care providers.

Deliver contextual communication

Engage each audience member using the Resulticks Omnichannel Rules Engine to personalize communications—treatment/checkup, follow-up, awareness programs, health recommendations, and more—delivered contextually based on the individual’s profile and real-time behavior.

Trigger timely communications

Help your audience navigate the healthcare experience with ease by automatically triggering timely health-related communications—reminders for health checkups, refills, doctor appointments, referrals, and more,

Next-best content capabilities

Using Resulticks’ next-best content capabilities, recommend personally relevant content based on patients’ health histories, propensities, sentiments, and transactions to help them make more fully informed decisions.

Communicate with next-level touch points

Become a relevant, valuable part of your customers’ healthy lifestyle by interacting with them through voice assistants, chatbots, and IoT devices.

Conversion attribution

Pinpoint conversions with precise single- and multi-touch attribution and measure revenue contributions at the segment-of-one level. Tap into complete ROI insights at seven levels: campaign, individual audience, brand or product roll-up, offer, channel, location, and last-mile associates.


Individual audience

Brand or product roll up




Last-mile associates

With the Resulticks Smart Duo embedded into your communications and digital properties, you can access meaningful metrics and deeper insights, including:

  • Online-to-offline conversions
  • Inpatient admissions
  • Acquisition cost per patient
  • Patient lifetime value
  • Content engagement
  • Patient engagement and retention
  • Repeat consultations
  • Outpatient registrations
  • Top-performing branches
  • Homecare appointments
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45, Married

Samantha, a Vision Pharmacy (VP) app user who suffers from arthritis, refills her pain medication on a monthly basis.

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35, Married

Peter is a fitness enthusiast who regularly consumes content on health tips from various websites, including the Vision Hospital website.

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A leading regional hospital brand achieved 51% uplift in conversions.

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