Maximize engagement and conversion by creating highly targeted, totally personalized, and contextually relevant email campaigns with unprecedented scale and incredible speed.

Maximize email marketing impact with ease

Amplify your reach

We built scalable technology into Resulticks email capabilities to meet the challenges of your omnichannel marketing initiatives. Imagine the possibilities with a platform that can trigger, on average, 1.5 million emails per hour.

Optimize email content

Optimize email content for maximum engagement and conversion. Choose from powerful campaign features like split A/B testing, inbox score check, subject line analysis, personalized content targeting, and dynamic content update to get the most opens, clicks-throughs, and ROI. Customize un/subscription messages based on campaign, product, and channel types.

Orchestrate email campaigns with ease

Manage the entire spectrum of sophisticated email communications with Resulticks' robust omnichannel orchestration capabilities from audience creation and content authoring to preview, testing, delivery, and analytics.

Weave emails into omnichannel engagement

Trigger contextual communications based on interactions with your audience across touch points and in real time. Incorporate emails into your holistic, segment-of-one omnichannel engagement efforts with Resulticks.

Transforming the business of email communications


Std email throughput in less than 1 hour


Avg mails per high volume campaign

Avg campaigns per day per large account

Key capabilities

Content targeting

Personalize email content for micro-segments of your audience based on their preferences, propensities, and a wealth of other attributes.

A/B/n testing

Run tests with up to four variations on your email campaigns. Auto-deliver the winning combination of subject line, content, and send time to the rest of your audience for optimal impact.

Dynamic content

Resulticks can connect to live RSS feeds, query on individual audience or campaign attributes, and update email content dynamically in real-time up until the point of delivery.

DND scrubbing

Resulticks automatically removes all contacts that had erroneous mobile numbers or switched on DND in the past from future SMS campaign communications to reduce wasteful spending. You can also choose to scrub audiences that have opted out, unsubscribed, or blacklisted your communications to avoid damaging brand reputation.

More features to optimize email performance
Transform your email marketing with Resulticks.

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