Big Data Powered

Unleash the power of big data for making high-impact decisions, optimizing marketing spend, and validating business results.

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Omnichannel Delivery

Target customer segments precisely, connect with each customer personally with user-friendly omnichannel deployment capabilities.

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Top-Line Results

Realize measurable top-line benefits with customer-connect strategies that can work in tandem with an outcome-based pricing model.

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Key Highlights

Dynamic Campaign Creation

Automate every marketing effort. Plan, develop, and deploy across all channels with extraordinary ease and speed.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Reach the right people at the right time. Relevant messaging, high quality responses, increased conversion.

Omnichannel Marketing Power

Deliver your message across every touch point where and when it matters most.

User 360° Insights

Get to know your audiences intimately. Turn information into insights.

Industry & Internal Benchmarking

Break new ground with deep insights based on real-world performance.

Analysis & Reporting

The complete story in relevant, actionable terms. Campaign specific reports. Insights across multiple benchmarks. Audience understanding in extraordinary detail.

Leverage our experience and expertise
to boost your ROI.

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting

Leverage our deep insight, strategic thinking, and real-world experience to create a roadmap for true marketing automation. Turn data into actionable insights, connect multiple data marts, and optimize data clustering.


Campaigns and creative services

Campaigns and creative services

We offer more than world-class technology. Our multi-talented creative team brings years of marketing and creative experience to every campaign initiative.


Smart engagement

Smart engagement

Resulticks works with you on a complete solution that enables you extract full value from your engagement with us—from data consolidation to actionable insights driven by business intelligence.


Technical consulting

Technical consulting

Rely on the Resulticks team of technology experts to guide you every step of the way to connect your internal enterprise, sales empowerment, and e-commerce systems into a singular view of islands of data.





50+ Fortune Companies

Resulticks helps us in realizing our transformation to a digital healthcare business and de-risking the current paradigm of the business from traditional routes. The platform has helped us realize over 40% incremental conversion through own data on healthcare e-commerce and preventive healthcare space.

Sachin Rao, Assistant Manager, Manipal Hospitals

Our aggressive drive with Resulticks has already begun to reap impressive rewards, almost doubling the win-back rates and upgrades among our mobile customers.

Aditya SV, Program Manager SUM, Samsung Mobile Division

Truly a robust platform. Resulticks will definitely take our brand marketing to the next level.

Wing K Lee, CEO, YTL Communications

Their robust platform helps you not only hyper personalize but also measure success metrics at a granular level. We hope to scale the business even further using such a platform.

Shwetal Mehta, Associate VP Marketing, IDFC

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