Marketing planner

Strategize, view, and plan your omnichannel campaign operations with Resulticks’ AI-enabled marketing planner.

Multiple views of campaign cadence

Get a monthly or daily view of all of your scheduled and in-progress campaigns. Filter what you see based on channel, campaign type, delivery method, and more.

Multiple views of campaign cadence
One-click summaries
One-click summaries

Quickly access a simplified summary for every campaign to avoid repetition. See channel mix and total audiences. Preview creative across channels to keep campaigns in sync with overall business goals and growth strategies.  

AI-powered smart planner

Enabled by AI and machine learning models, Resulticks' marketing planner analyzes past and present marketing efforts to inform future campaigns. Moreover, it evaluates past campaign performance to auto-suggest optimal settings for target audience, channel mix, journey mapping, and more.

AI-powered smart planner
Make better-informed, more strategic decisions with Resulticks marketing planner.

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