Template builder

Simplify omnichannel campaign orchestration with Resulticks’ user-friendly template builder for eDMs, mobile messages, forms, notifications, and more.

Drag-and-drop toolkit

Use a host of intuitive, drag-and-drop, rich content controls on the template builder palette to build creatives from scratch. It's ideal for a wide range of channels and for incorporating responsive designs without the help of developers or coders.

Template library and management

Store and view existing creatives for all your channels in a single, intuitive template library. Use them across multiple omnichannel campaigns with a simple click. A detailed user log lets you track what, when, and by whom changes are made in the template builder. Alternatively, use one of the pre-loaded, channel-specific templates for even faster implementation.

Integrate with existing asset libraries

Connect Resulticks to your DAM, PIM, and CMS systems to seamlessly pull existing assets for template creation and storage in the template library.

Creative personalization tools

Customize your assets with personalization attributes like first name and location. Easily include dynamic content that updates in real time until delivery and tailored landing pages that lead to individualized endpoints. Incorporate next-best content/offer/product recommendations to optimize what each audience member receives. Enable content targeting to deliver the right asset to the right individual based on a diverse array of attributes.

Omnichannel preview

Preview your creatives before publishing them to evaluate how they will appear on laptops, mobile phones, and tablet devices.

Free up valuable marketing resources with Resulticks' template builder.

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