Extended channels

Extend your omnichannel reach with brand-specific extended channels.

Unlock the power of extended systems

Ensure seamless omnichannel engagement

Resulticks integrates with all of your extended channels, consolidates valuable audience data into one customer information hub, and eliminates the need for manual data transfers. It brings extended channels into your omnichannel marketing arsenal, empowering you to break down communication silos and deliver seamless audience engagement in real time.

Boost engagement and conversion proactively offline

Respond to critical behavior in real time and trigger individually contextualized communications on extended channels to move your audience continuously toward conversion.

Attribute extended channel ROI and document conversions

Measure and quantify channel-specific ROI contribution from your extended channels and attribute conversion at the individual audience member level.

Key features

Audience profile augmentation

Combine the online and offline data captured from your extended channels to enrich individual audience profiles and deliver a singular, 360° view of each customer.

Additional features
Transform your omnichannel marketing with Resulticks.

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