Real-time triggers

Analyze individual customer needs, transaction patterns, and other relevant factors to contextualize and individualize messaging, interactions, and experiences in real time.

Real-time triggers

Samantha, a Vision Pharmacy (VP) app user, suffers from arthritis and refills her pain medication monthly.

“I’m so busy these days. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of my medication refills.”

Real-time triggers
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Seven days before her current prescription runs out, Samantha receives a refill notification through the Vision Pharmacy app.

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She clicks on the notification to select the medications that need a refill.

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Based on her location, she receives an In-app message telling her where and when she can pick up her prescription.

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As she enters the store, the beacon detects her device and alerts the pharmacist to make sure her prescription is ready for pick up.

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As she approaches the billing counter, the beacon detects her device and reminds her to purchase allergy medication. She proceeds to make the additional purchase.

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