Targeted cross-selling & upselling

Optimize outcomes with highly tailored cross-selling and upselling to unique audience profiles and journeys.

App personalization and preconditioned upsell

Sean, a big sports fan and a Vision Telecom customer, just purchased a large screen, smart TV.

“I should get a great cable plan that lets me watch live sports without interruption.”

Sean has been exploring a variety of video-on-demand offerings on his mobile browser. Being a football fan he also subscribes to live score updates on his mobile.

He receives an app notification from Vision Telecom promoting the company's video-on-demand service.

He clicks on the notification, signs up for the bundled offer, and receives an email instructing him to install the application.

After downloading the Vision Telecom video-on-demand application on his TV, he sees a notification in his TV inbox with personalized sporting events.

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