The Smart Duo

Track, identify, contextualize, and attribute your audience members' individual omnichannel journeys from first click to conversion and beyond.

What is it?

The Smart Duo consists of the Smart Link, a universal, ready-to-embed individualized, deferred deep link that can be utilized in owned, earned, and paid media marketing and the one-line SDK, a proprietary one-line code that can be embedded across your digital properties.

Where can the Smart Link be used?

The Smart Link can be embedded in a variety of touch points to enhance your engagement efforts.


  • eDMs
  • Notifications
  • Alerts


  • SMS
  • Push/In-app notifications


  • Landing pages
  • Website


  • Banners
  • SEM assets
  • Social ads


  • Ads

Social Media Properties

  • Posts, comments, follow-up
  • Social apps (content & posts)
  • Reviews
What sets the Smart Duo apart?

Effective across channels, devices, and browser types, the Smart Link not only takes up minimal characters but is individually generated for every member of your audience.

Built to deliver optimal efficiency, the one-line SDK utilizes device fingerprinting, instead of cookies, to accurately identify every audience member, regardless of the touchpoint from which they arrived.

How does it empower you?

With the Smart Link embedded in owned, earned, and paid media, and the one-line SDK installed on your websites and mobile apps, you can:


Capture individual journey insights and diverse audience attributes (e.g., device, channel, conversion, offer, implicit and explicit behavioral insights) at the point of the click and at end points.


Differentiate known from unknown individuals and unify the multiple digital identities of every audience member across channels.

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Utilize progressive profiling across interactions and touch points to continuously augment existing audience profiles.


Contextualize communications, tailor audience experiences at destinations, facilitate omnichannel handoffs, and deliver seamless journeys based on past interactions, individual propensities, real-time insights, and more.


Map out individual audience journeys towards conversion and determine ROI impact through precise single- and multi-touch attribution.

The Smart Duo in action

Sam searches for “buy watches online” and clicks on an ad from Vision Watches that has been equipped with a Smart Link.


He is taken to a landing page, reads the offer details, and adds a watch to his shopping cart.


Half way through the transaction, Sam gets a call. He closes the tab and the cart is abandoned.


Two days later, Sam revisits the website and receives a web notification with a bundle offer for the watch in his abandoned cart.


Sam clicks on the notification and shares his name and contact details while purchasing the bundled deal.

The Smart Duo impact

Achieve a 360° audience view

Augment individual audience insights across touch points and over time to achieve a unified, 360° view of the omnichannel customer and their journey

Ensure impact with contextual engagement

Identify your audience in real time and across touch points. Utilize their behavior, demographics, propensities, and more to facilitate continuously contextualized journeys towards conversion.

Pinpoint conversions and ROI

Accurately attribute conversions to the right touch point. Measure revenue contributions at the segment-of-one level for every campaign through powerful single- and multi-touch attribution.

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