Look-alike targeting

Create look-alike audiences based on existing target segments to maximize campaign reach and impact.

Surrogate mapping for social media ads

Max, a frequent international flyer and a resident of Tokyo, is planning a trip to Europe and is looking up travel insurance plans for his Schengen Visa.

“I need to get a good travel insurance plan in order to apply for my Schengen Visa.”

Surrogate mapping for social media ads
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Insights from Resulticks

Travel insurance purchases are initiated by men living in metro cities in the 30-40 age group through social media.

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Identify surrogate (look-alike) profile

Max, Vision Insurance customer, personal policy holder, Age: 35, Married, Tokyo.

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Segmentation for Target list:

Gender: Male + Age Group: 30-45 + City: Tokyo + Travel insurance

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Look-alike targeting is enabled along with Smart Link for social ads

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Max views the ad on Facebook.

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He clicks on the ad and is redirected to the landing page with relevant travel insurance plans.

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