Look-alike targeting

Create look-alike audiences based on existing target segments to maximize campaign reach and impact.

Surrogate mapping for social media ads

Max, a frequent international flyer and a resident of Tokyo, is planning a trip to Europe and is looking up travel insurance plans for his Schengen Visa.

“I need to get a good travel insurance plan in order to apply for my Schengen Visa.”

Insights from Resulticks

Travel insurance purchases are initiated by men living in metro cities in the 30-40 age group through social media.

Identify surrogate (look-alike) profile

Max, Vision Insurance customer, personal policy holder, Age: 35, Married, Tokyo.

Segmentation for Target list:

Gender: Male + Age Group: 30-45 + City: Tokyo + Travel insurance

Look-alike targeting is enabled along with Smart Link for social ads

Max views the ad on Facebook.

He clicks on the ad and is redirected to the landing page with relevant travel insurance plans.

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