Footfall improvement

Boost traffic and pesonalize customer experiences at physical locations using NFC devices.

Footfall improvement using beacons

Matt, a Vision Electronics customer and tech connoisseur—owns one of the brand's high-resolution display smartphones. He frequently visits the local mall during weekends.

“There's a Vision Electronics store at the mall. I should check out the new mobile phone models I saw on their app last week.”

Matt is enjoying a latte at a café in the mall. Detecting his location using GPS, Vision Electronics sends him a discount coupon for a purchase today.

Matt recalls that Vision Electronics has just released a few new phone models with greatly improved features and decides to check them out.

As he enters the store, a beacon detects his location, and the salesperson is alerted.

The salesperson offer Matt a personalized demo of the latest smartphones. He decides to buy one he really likes.

Matt uses the discount coupon while making the purchase. As he exits the store, a beacon identifies that he has made a purchase.

An immediate notification is triggered on his Vision app asking him to rate the in-store experience. He gives it five stars.

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