Next-best content

Show individualized content for your audience, at every step of their omnichannel journey to conversion, loyalty, and beyond.

The Resulticks impact

Automate sophisticated content recommendations

With Resulticks’ Omnichannel Rules Engine and DelphAI foundation, easily map out and incorporate diverse recommendation frameworks to automate personalized content delivery as your audience base grows. 

Deliver and sustain relevant content journeys

Resulticks helps you provide diverse audiences with targeted content through advanced segmentation and persona creation. It also constantly analyzes your audience’s individual intent, behavior, consumption patterns, and more across touch points to enhance their experiences with relevant recommendations—always delivered at the most optimal channels.

Shorten the sales cycle to boost ROI

Accelerate each customer's path to conversion with streamlined content personalization. This ensures that your content aligns with each individual’s lifecycle stage, reflects current marketing goals, and facilitates overall ROI growth.

Key capabilities

Intutive content integration and management

Bring together all the content from your CMS, DAM, and PIM systems through seamless API integration. Utilize Resulticks’ content library to upload, manage, and retrieve diverse content types from a single interface. Tweak the metatags that Resulticks automatically detects for your assets upon upload, if needed.

Personalize content recommendations

Resulticks’ DelphAI engine analyses your audience’s individual content consumption patterns, interest profiles, behavior, intent, personas, propensities, and more to deliver personalized content recommendations at the right place and time. Dynamically recommend content groups to keep your audience engaged and move them towards conversion—one asset at a time.

Weave relevant content into omnichannel experiences

Easily include relevant content groups in your omnichannel marketing campaigns and embed them in a wide range of touch points. This allows you to create seamless, ever more tailored content streams that keep your audience engaged, wherever and whenever.

Segment-of-one content gating

Resulticks progressively pushes the asset most relevant to each individual’s stage in the sales funnel to facilitate lead qualification at scale, all while enhancing your targeting efforts with new audience data captured at each interaction.

Additional features
Activate your omnichannel marketing transformation with Resulticks.

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