Audience segmentation

Engage only the right audience with Resulticks’ advanced segmentation and real-time targeting capabilities.

Segment perfectly in minutes


Unlock a wealth of attributes

Consolidate audience data from the first-, second-, and third-party sources for an expansive list of attributes—demographic, transactional, behavioral, locational, device, persona, and much more. With each interaction and every campaign, Resulticks automatically derives data like campaign response, audience lifetime value, propensity score, sentiment, and more as selectable attributes to perfect your targeting capabilities over time.


Define your target audience

Resulticks’ intuitive interface takes the complexity out of advanced segmentation. Choose from diverse attributes and easily tweak your target lists with advanced filters.

Audience Segmentation - And/Or


Reach only the individuals who meet the criteria of all your condition groups with AND logic, or choose OR to expand your audience by targeting those who meet at least one set of conditions.

Recency, frequency, and worth

Refine your campaigns to elicit desired responses and boost top-line revenue by targeting audiences based on the recency, frequency, and worth of their purchases from your brand.

Audience Segmentation - Recency, Frequency, and Worth
Audience Segmentation - Inclusion and exclusion

Inclusion and exclusion

Easily include or exclude contacts that match specific attributes to ensure the relevance of your communications.

Suppression, match, and limit lists

Utilize suppression lists to remove contacts that match their criteria from existing campaign segments for maximum relevance. Similarly, use match lists to keep only contacts in an existing segment with the defined attributes. With limit lists, determine how many individuals from an audience segment will be targeted by a campaign, or restrict the total number of communications they will receive each day.

Suppression, match, and limit lists
Audience Segmentation - Lookalike and goal-based audience

Lookalike and goal-based audience

Maximize your reach with our AI-powered lookalike targeting capability. Resulticks scours your database to extract similar segments based on your target segments to generate more leads and enhance overall campaign outcomes. Leverage goal-based audience generation to build the right target segments according to your marketing goals like profile completeness, retention, and purchase.


Add dimension with personas and lead scores

Resulticks’ fully configurable, segment-of-one B2B/B2C persona creation and lead scoring capabilities can determine individual audience values based on your specific business needs and priorities. Use personas and lead scores as attributes to further fine-tune your target segments, frequency and lifetime cap settings, and audience insights.

Audience Segmentation - Dimension With Personas and Lead Scores
Audience Segmentation - Smart Segments

Create smart segments

Combine multiple segments and specify your ROI and cost parameters to create a single AI-generated smart segment. Update segments in real time as your total audience database grows. By revealing a target segment’s potential reach, engagement, and conversion rates based on past interactions and real-time insights, Resulticks makes it easier than ever to calculate ROI, set accurate goals, and achieve true outcome-driven marketing.


Create ad-hoc segments and seed lists

Upload CSV files—with as many as five million records each—into Resulticks to create time-sensitive segments and use them for campaigns without adding them to your existing database. Build seed lists that comprise only internal team members to test out campaigns before delivering them to the actual audience.

Audience Segmentation - Ad-Hoc Segments

Make segments dynamic

Resulticks satisfies your dynamic targeting needs with complex events processing, digesting streaming, existing, as well as market data across channels and sources to create your ideal audiences and execute targeted communications. Instead of relying on static segments that are defined in advance, map out detailed rules on specific behavior triggers to dynamically generate your campaign audience in real time.

Apply relevant rules to only target already existing target segments based on their individual actions. Configure brand-specific triggers to align real-time targeting with your unique needs. Evaluate the potential reach of your omnichannel campaign with probabilistic audience size predictions. Furthermore, keep your agents, representatives, and sellers updated with notifications about critical audience behavior delivered to devices most convenient for them.

Audience Segmentation - Dynamic Segments Audience Segmentation - Dynamic Segments

Power segment creation with AI

Resulticks’ DelphAI engine automatically generates and groups segments based on campaign parameters to build an ever-expanding set of target contacts.

Audience Segmentation -AI Power Segment
Audience Segmentation - Network Wide Targeting Efforts

Coordinate targeting efforts network wide

Expedite and align audience targeting across your network to maximize engagement, conversion, and top-line growth. Share valuable target lists with B2B2B and B2B2C last-mile associates and partners. Based on real-time interaction and audience data from all brand and partner databases, Resulticks auto-scrubs target lists at the time of campaign execution to coordinate network-wide engagement efforts and ensure communication relevance.

Additional tools

Control and target groups

Analyze the impact of campaigns or run hypothesis tests with control and target groups.

Streamlined approval workflow

Send your segments for approval before using them in campaigns with our built-in workflow.

Immediate or delayed retargeting

Select specific segments easily for immediate or delayed retargeting to sustain engagement at the right pace.

Full segment download

Download your carefully crafted audience segments in Resulticks to use them in other systems.


Boost efficiency through streamlined workflow

Minimize the time needed for sophisticated audience segmentation and timely engagement.

Maximize marketing precision and impact

Build the foundation for relevant, effective campaigns with sophisticated target and dynamic segments.

Pinpoint the perfect audiences for your campaigns.

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