Unlocking hidden revenue – Virtual Martech Summit

A journey into the unknown beckons in a world without cookies, but it is only through that journey that one will truly know their customers. That is what keynote speaker, Mani Gopalaratnam, CEO & CTO of Resulticks spoke about at the Virtual Martech Summit Asia edition.

The event saw over a thousand attendees attend presentations and panels that featured both brand representatives and service providers. Each discussion provided valuable insight with regards to digital marketing, marketing technology, and the way forward given today’s marketing landscape.

Spread across the ASEAN region from Hong Kong to Korea – the keynote presentation offered us the opportunity not only to shed some light on what a cookieless world will look like, but also how to overcome the challenges it poses. Beginning with the history of cookies and understanding how we got here, Mani went on to speak about the importance of building and leveraging data.

It provided the perfect opportunity to position our cookie-independent, plug and play solution built for ROI and conversion tracking at scale – SmartDX. In doing so, we were able to show the brands in attendance that all was not lost after the demise of cookies – and through these alternatives, they can successfully navigate the journey to the unknown.

You can read more about the highlights of the presentation in this summary presented by the MarTech Edge.

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