Resulticks Announces Connected Experiences Powered by RESUL 5.0

Already a key player in the audience engagement sector with recognition for its innovative solutions, Resulticks has taken yet another step towards redefining the space with its transformative new focus on delivering Connected Experiences for businesses and their audiences.

Enabled by RESUL 5.0—a major upgrade to the company’s flagship integrated real-time audience engagement solution—Connected Experiences seeks to reshape how businesses can interact with their audiences.

The new paradigm, backed by RESUL’s new edge and serverless technology infrastructure, expands the solution’s capabilities to support new-age IoT channels. This empowers RESUL users to gather rich data for insights, execute hyper-personalization, and enhance all stages of audience engagement across a far more expansive, truly phygital world of interactions—at exceptional scale and with native latency.

“Our current release RESUL 5.0 will further equip brands to chart audience journeys leveraging the flexibility offered by technology rather than being bound by its limitations,” said Dakshen Ram, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Resulticks. “This commitment to a connected experience framework is set to usher in, for brands, an era of audience engagement that is instant, creative, and attributable like never before.”

For more information on Connected Experiences by RESUL 5.0 and new concepts introduced in the newsroom article, please read more here:

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