Resulticks Teaches Masterclass on Customer Engagement in Chicago and San Francisco

Over the course of two successive weeks in June, Resulticks engaged senior marketers from some of America’s most respected brands in presentations and group conversations focused on redefining customer engagement, all part of Digital Marketing Masterclass sessions in Chicago and San Francisco.

Each half-day Masterclass attracted between 50 and 60 marketing professionals from online retail, consumer goods, banking, fashion, manufacturing, utilities, hospitality, and more. The Resulticks masterclass presentation addressed pressing issues around marketing automation and the case for redefining customer engagement. The presentation also featured a series of use cases to illustrate the broad potential of real-time, omnichannel marketing automation today.

“As the volume of customer data continues to expand exponentially and brands acquire ever more sophisticated martech tools, many risk automating themselves into irrelevance with redundant, unfocused, poorly timed communications and messaging,” noted Max Russell, marketing and PR lead for Resulticks, “we were pleased to see the high level of interest in what Resulticks’ real-time conversation marketing cloud can do to address those issues and create seamless continuous engagement with customers and prospects across channels from first click to conversion.”

Sneha Subramanian, Marketing Manager, gave attendees a real-world perspective on how this transformation can happen with uses cases that highlighted individualized experiences, omnichannel reach, and totally relevant contextual communication. She also explored the key capabilities required to deliver those experiences: deep analytics, integrated omnichannel delivery, a real-time omnichannel rules engine, and segment-of-one conversion attribution

At roundtable sessions following the presentation, participants explored issues of particular concerns to their brands and expressed particular interest in the ground-breaking work Resulticks is doing on blockchain for marketing. Balaji Sankara Saravanan, Head of Customer Assist, helped facilitate the roundtable discussions with his technical expertise and client engagement experience.

Resulticks’ next Masterclass session will take place in New York City on July 10. For more information about what Resulticks can do for your brand, write to [email protected] and learn more from our latest resources on AI, blockchain, and marketing today.

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