Resulticks delivers double digit conversion rates

Resulticks recently unveiled the new benchmark figures it was able to achieve over the first quarter of 2016, with consistent reach, engagement and conversion rates in the double digits across varied industry verticals.

Summarizing the results of an average of fifty campaigns being run every month using the platform across sectors such as consumer electronics, healthcare, financial services amongst others, Dakshen Ram, Resulticks’ co-founder and product visionary said, “We’re talking about the delivery of communications to millions of consumers across the Email, Mobile and Social Media channels here and incremental conversion rates of 15% plus. Our end-to-end tracking Smart Link technology allows us to unambiguously attribute this success to the platform’s ability to create audience micro-segments as well as nurture interactions.”

The platform’s unique Smart Link technology has evolved communications from being personalized to ‘individualized’, also resulting in its ability to track reach, engagement and conversion rates against every campaign recipient, in marketing automation parlance.

With these metrics now being tracked at the most granular level, the platform’s unique benchmarking capability has upped the ante for other players within these industries, to play catch-up and achieve the same level of revenue contribution. “Now, that we’ve proved that it is possible to tie in marketing dollars spent to the sales figures coming in, we hope marketers who’ve been on the fence about marketing automation for far too long, will jump down to the right side and experience a great landing too!”, added Dakshen Ram.

For more information on the smart link and other platform updates, write into [email protected]

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