Creating value for brands with data, personalization, and ROI attribution

In the recent episode of HT Smartcast Leadership Lessons, Redickaa Subrammanian, co-founder and chairperson of Resulticks, offered her insights into the most important challenges and shifts in digital marketing across industries.

Organizations, according to Subrammanian, continue to struggle with data. In particular, many have found it difficult to gather more granular customer data and link the information to individuals—an obstacle that hinders both personalization and ROI attribution.

As the nature of marketing communication and customer experience becomes decidedly omnichannel, multiple industries will have to locate solutions capable of bridging the offline-online gap, supporting interactions across channels, and generating actionable insights.

These developments, in Subrammanian’s view, are what make Resulticks a standout in the marketing automation space. The leading real-time customer engagement solution is industry-agnostic, with a variety of customizations to accommodate the nuances of diverse sectors. The Gartner-named solution empowers multiple C-suite leaders with streamlined functions designed for their respective fields.

On the future of marketing, Subrammanian brought attention to the growing number of maverick organizations going beyond SMS and email to adopt new technologies like IoT devices, smart assistants, and facial recognition cameras. She also noted the increasing interest in data streaming, signal processing, audience matching, and blockchain. Robotic engineering and AI/ML, according to Subrammanian, will spawn consequential innovations in optimization, data security, operational efficiency, and scale across the ecosystem.

To close off the conversation, Subrammanian mentioned Resulticks’ goal to become a listed company by 2025 and transform customer engagement for clients worldwide.

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