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Real Time Smart Customer Engagement
IT digest

06 Apr, 2022

Resulticks brings real-time, smart customer-engagement solutions for verticals to the Qualcomm®

We are pleased to have Resulticks join the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program ecosystem where we can together accelerate digital transformation and make it easier for businesses and entities looking to deliver smart AI-powered solutions.

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ET Brand Equity

07 Feb, 2022

Mirum announces strategic partnership with Resulticks

Mirum will be a solution partner for Resulticks and help the ‘real-time conversation marketing cloud’ platform to implement and integrate their Martech stack for customers across industries and geographies.

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The Economic Times

29 Apr, 2021

Taking the guesswork out of digital-enabled business growth

The question on Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) has always confounded business owners, but never pinched as much as it does today - when COVID has put every expense under the microscope. 

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01 Feb, 2021

BackToBusiness: Resulticks’ Mani Gopalaratnam on the strategy that needs to be followed to bounce back

How brands can create at-home meaningful experiences for consumers As brands try to find a sign of semblance post a period of uncertainty, it has become more important than ever to understand and evolve as per changing consumer expectations.

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Media Avataar

10 Jan, 2021

We are proud to be the official sponsor for the first Digital Stallion Forum UAE Awards. Hear from our CEO Mani Gopalaratnam's thoughts on this exciting event.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Mani Gopalaratnam, CEO and CTO, Resulticks says, “We are happy to partner with the Digital Stallions Forum UAE to present the Resulticks BFSI Digital Stallion Awards. We would like to witness the innovative and exciting work done by digital marketers in the UAE and recognize their efforts through these awards...

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ET Brand Equity

08 Dec, 2020

Resulticks, Merkle Sokrati ink strategic partnership

Real-time marketing conversation cloud platform Resulticks and data-driven performance marketing agency from the house of Dentsu international, Merkle Sokrat have entered into a strategic partnership agreement...

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ET Edge

10 Nov, 2020

Omnichannel marketing - The new business imperative for Indian brands

More than two in five marketers have set aside a significant proportion of their marketing budgets for omnichannel customer engagement...

DQ Channels

02 Nov, 2020

Resulticks Holds a Discussion on Enhancing Customer Experience

Resulticks recently held a digital discussion on the issue of enhancing customer experience in the insurance industry. The speakers included Rupinderjit Singh, Head, Digital Sales, Care Health Insurance; Vaibhav Kumar, VP & Head, E-commerce & Digital Marketing, Max Life Insurance; Balachander Sekhar, Co-founder, Renewbuy and Mani Gopalaratnam, Chief Technology Officer, Resulticks...

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Dataquest INDIA

07 Sep, 2020

True potential of AI can be accessed with strong data foundation: Resulticks

Resulticks, built from the ground up by marketers for marketers, is a truly integrated real-time conversation cloud enabled by the world’s first marketing data blockchain...

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06 Sep, 2020

Joining the Blockchain

From banking and logistics to governance, the public ledger technology is helping cut cost and time, enhancing efficiencies...

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22 Aug, 2020

Why omnichannel marketing is imperative for Indian brands

Mastering omnichannel marketing will help create a positive experience for the increasingly digitally savvy customer and build a positive reputation for the brand…

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13 Aug, 2020

We have seen digital growth more in the past few months than in a decade

In a chat with e4m, Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO & Co-founder, Resulticks shares her views about India’s digital transformation and innovative marketing technologies in the light of the pandemic…

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11 Aug, 2020

Women in AI: Redickaa Subramanian, CEO & Cofounder, Resulticks

With more than 25 years in global marketing, advertising & technology, Redickaa Subrammanian’s journey as a marketer had to take the obvious pivot - to adopt a robust technology-driven approach...

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08 Aug, 2020

e4m MarTech League Fridays: Panelists decode marketing automation in the new world

On the virtual roundtable, MarTech industry bigwigs shared insights on marketing automation, including challenges and opportunities...

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24 Jul, 2020

Know Your Customers Online – CDP and Marketing ROI

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a technology that many businesses are using to capture, analyse and leverage their customers’ data to advantage. With the partners opening their own E-stores online, this technology can be of great use to them...

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17 Jul, 2020

How Can Organisations Look Forward To Identifying Potential Gaps In Data Risk Management?

According to a recent report, it has been noted that organizations working remotely have been really vulnerable to cyber threats, which isn't really good news for the industry as a whole...

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09 Jul, 2020

How to assess business requirements for AI projects

Apart from identifying the right business case for AI projects, CIOs also need to set expectations right in order to make the project successful...

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30 Jun, 2020

Switch from cost-per-click to cost-per-action model to put a curb on ad fraud

Although marketers and advertisers are well aware that rampant issue of mobile ad fraud in the country, they are  yet to gauge the impact of the fraud has on their business and customers...

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16 Jun, 2020

Over 25 percent leading Indian marketers have successfully deployed, AR, QR codes and beacons: A Resulticks study

What is the readiness of companies for omnichannel marketing in India? A recent report by omnichannel marketing automation firm Resulticks reveals that the road ahead will separate the real winners from the current set of leaders...

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14 Jun, 2020

Here’s How To Get The Right Balance Between Personalisation And Marketing Automation

AI and machine learning models, allows marketing automation solutions to help brands derive individual audience propensities...

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12 Jun, 2020

How AI/ML Can Help Marketing Projects, Explains Subramanian Gopalaratnam..

For marketing teams and marketing technology companies, finding and growing valuable customers is the key to constructing a profitable business...

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03 Jun, 2020

Digital transformation. Opportunities for growth in the BFSI sector...

As digital channels and devices proliferate, as tech-savvy consumers shift behavioral patterns and expectations of what “good service” means, and as business models undergo digital transformation...

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27 May, 2020

Transforming to thrive: Customer engagement in the wake of COVID-19

Branding and marketing professionals have rapidly come to terms with the extended suspension of business as they knew it before COVID-19, adapting at work as well as in their social and personal lives...

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27 May, 2020

Top IoT Trends and Technologies in 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT), as we know it, is a system linking any device to the Internet and to other connected devices. It is a giant network of connected things and people that allows the sharing of data within it...

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18 May, 2020

Devising a fail-safe business plan using AI, analytics and more

Healthcare marketers’ playbook will have to evolve and transform to suit the post-COVID-19 world. Subramanian Gopalaratnam, CTO, Resulticks, a marketing automation company, explains how technologies like AI, IoT and others can help healthcare brands create more effective marketing strategies...

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18 May, 2020

WFH: How Is Resulticks Holding Up?

With the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses have been affected badly. However, organizations have devised a firm strategy to keep things going. Cloud platform Resulticks shares their BCP with Express Computer...

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22 Apr, 2020

Is COVID-19 the long awaited catalyst for cloud adoption?

As remote work and collaboration intensifies, cloud computing has emerged as an ally for enterprises. Is this the catalyst that technology companies longed for?

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21 Apr, 2020

Digital business model transformation in the time of COVID-19

Covid-19 has presented unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the entire world. A new normal has emerged with the prolonged suspension of our everyday activities in all walks of life that is reshaping everything - work, school, consumption, entertainment, and more...

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18 Apr, 2020

COVID-19: Explore uncharted territory, test new waters in the lockdown

Industry leaders and experts talk about the challenges and how marketers, as well as brands, should respond to the business amid a pandemic outbreak...

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17 Apr, 2020

COVID-19 has accelerated customer centric initiatives for organisations

Covid-19 has presented unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the entire world. A new normal has emerged with the prolonged suspension of everyday activities in all walks of life that is reshaping everything...

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07 Apr, 2020

Resulticks is Helping Brands Leverage Omnichannel Automation

In the age of increased personalization, brands are realizing that investments in marketing technology can save time and strengthen customer relationships...

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02 Apr, 2020

Resulticks sees adoption of AI to control & ascertain COVID-19 patients in advance

Resulticks, a new generation data driven marketing automation solution platform, now sees that artificial intelligence (AI) will enable healthcare, pharma, and other relevant sectors not just quell the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread, but actually determine vulnerable groups in advance...

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01 Apr, 2020

Key risk governance practices for optimal data security

Rigorous risk governance and management practices are more needed than ever to help the organization achieve the optimal data security required...

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30 May, 2020

Demystifying the ingredients of an Omnichannel strategy during the lockdown

The ability to provide consumers with a ‘connected’ journey in the omnichannel world is the ‘silver bullet’ to differentiate organisations, build competitive advantage and thereby, loyalty...

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26 Mar, 2020

Is the Multi Cloud Model Too Much Too Soon for the industry?

According to IBM, 85% of enterprises are in a multi-cloud environment, but only 41% have a multi-cloud strategy. The challenges that the organizations are facing, outweigh the benefits they are accruing from the model. Is multi-cloud coming into an industry that is not yet ready to optimally utilize it?

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INC 42

23 Mar, 2020

Resulticks On Deploying The World’s First Marketing Data Blockchain

As many well know, blockchain as a technology has applications in areas as varied as supply chain, fintech, education, healthcare, governance and social impact, but one of the more interesting applications that are fast emerging in recent years is marketing...

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20 Mar, 2020

Brands are wearing purpose like a badge

Purpose-driven marketing empowers businesses to connect and engage with their target audience on a personal level, forming bonds of shared interest and trust that are key to brand preference and loyalty...

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03 Mar, 2020

Resulticks is going to change the world of seamless customer engagement

Redickaa Subrammanian, Founder & CEO, Resulticks talks about how the platform will equip brands to make a transformational leap to true omni-channel engagement...

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02 Mar, 2020

How Resulticks, an AI-powered marketing automation platforms is helping brands orchestrate seamless, hyper-targeted experiences

Redickaa Subrammanian of Resulticks tells us how the platform has been helping brands on their marketing journeys...

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29 Feb, 2020

We’ve been growing on an average of 300% YoY: Redickaa Subrammanian

From enviable growth numbers to global recognition, Resulticks has tasted success in just six years of its launch; CEO and Co-founder Redickaa Subrammanian shares the journey...

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11 Feb, 2020

Why We Need to Make Every Day A Safer Internet day

Being aware of, and advocating for safer internet isn't just a one day occasion; It should be an everyday mission...

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11 Feb, 2020

The Martech Stack: Why it should matter

The Martech Stack: Why it should matter...

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03 Feb, 2020

Redickaa’s comments on Indian budget

Industry experts voiced their enthusiasm about the government’s steps towards giving digital ecosystem a boost...

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01 Feb, 2020

Pre-budget expectation quote by Redickaa

This Union Budget is highly important for further amplification of innovation in the sector and potential of each budding entrepreneur in the country…

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24 Jan, 2020

Six trends marketers can watch out for this year

From AI, personalisation to blockchain, Redickaa Subrammanian highlights the upcoming tech backed trends to reign in 2020…

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03 Jan, 2020

With omnichannel marketing, CMOs office has turned from cost centre to a powerful revenue generator

It ditches siloed, impersonal marketing efforts for an integrated approach to customer engagement that is rooted in unified audience data, crisscrosses touchpoints and engages consumers by providing individualized experiences in real-time…

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