What’s ailing marketers in realizing the true power of digital!

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Marketing has become more challenging than ever, given the proliferation of customer touch points and scattered attention span of today’s consumer. Most marketers are talking to highly distracted customers who multi-task all the time and are talking to brands 24X7; sometimes online and sometimes offline.

Most marketers understand the value of a digital strategy but are not yet able to realise its true power given the pain points associated with implementing a cohesive digital strategy that merges both the offline and online world.

We aimed to find the answers from digital marketing practitioners across different industry verticals.

In this roundtable we discussed:

  • The critical barriers to the advancement of key digital initiatives within every organization.
  • How should marketers respond in the face of today's urgency for rapid digital transformation?
  • What can brands do to optimise digital marketing efforts from a journey enrichment perspective based on differential segment / customer behaviour?

Here are the key highlights and insights from the session:

Brands primarily face three core challenges that hinders their digital journey

  • People – Understanding the need for digital initiatives by key stakeholders
  • Processes – Integrating complex processes seamlessly with a focus on bringing value
  • Technology – Identifying and using the right technology stack to suit the needs of the respective business

What are the critical barriers to the advancement of digital initiatives

  • Fear of unknown -New players are not sure about the right digital initiatives that will suit their business
  • Fear of change – Conventional brands do not want to change their approach due to lack of knowledge and awareness of the present marketing trends
  • Lack of technology and processes

Three ways to overcome the barriers

  • Education / guidance – Marketers should educate/guide key stakeholders about the benefits of Digital Transformation
  • Highlight business value and ROI capabilities of digital initiatives
  • Showcase examples of similar brands / competitors to encourage taking new initiatives

How should marketers respond in face of today’s urgency for digital transformation?

  • Take a holistic approach starting from choosing the right platform to designing the required physical infrastructure
  • Focus on investing in the right tech stack

What can brands do to capture new and emerging consumer groups tapping into digital for the first time?

  • Create an impactful brand narrative and provide individualized, contextual communication at the right time
  • Content is always the King. It should be relevant and specific based on the customer journey for better audience interaction
  • Focus on sustaining brand presence and continuous customer engagement through digital mediums
  • Ensure a delightful customer journey
  • Sustain brand presence for top of mind recall
  • Appoint a customer experience officer who looks at the entire customer journey from onboarding to post-sales service
  • Remove the siloed approach towards customer
  • Enhance customer experience by integrating Martech data with Ad-tech data


Dinesh Menon

Global CMO, Resulticks

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