Leveraging built-in advantages for growth

In addition to perennial challenges such as customer churn, collections, and relentless technological advancement, telecom brands must constantly fend off emerging competitors, including the over-the-top (OTT) media purveyors capitalizing on the consumers’ insatiable demand for streaming video and other content.

To their advantage, telecoms have two built-in strengths: a wealth of customer data and easy access to consumers through a multitude of touch points. Exploiting those advantages for growth, however, requires consolidating disparate data sources, developing a unified customer view, and delivering seamless, real-time communications especially at high-risk milestones like renewals.

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Resulticks can help

With its big data backbone and omnichannel reach, Resulticks leverages propensity insights, customer intelligence, and real-time data to engage and delight the consumer in a distinctly personal way at critical decision milestones.

Leveraging data to enhance customer service

Telecom brands have the potential to access a wealth of data—structured and unstructured—from disparate sources such as CRM, provisioning, billing, credit check, POS, web browsing habits, social conversations, and more. By consolidating and integrating all that data, Resulticks creates a unified customer view that enables precise targeting of individuals and consistent, seamless interaction at every touch point.

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orchestrating customer experiences

Orchestrating customer experiences for retention and acquisition

Equipped with deep customer insights and the platform’s omnichannel reach, Resulticks users can orchestrate communications and responses in real time at critical junctures—renewal time, for example—across all channels and the entire customer lifecycle. These capabilities not only mitigate drop-offs and secure customer loyalty, the also enable brands to dynamically target customers and prospects with products, services, or offers that best fit their needs at that moment.

Improving ROI and reducing costs

With a complete array of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics capabilities, Resulticks empowers telecoms to measure and improve performance along critical dimensions including customer renewals, collections, issue resolution, cross-selling and upgrading, and much more. The results can range from reduced operating expenses and greater customer loyalty to delivering innovative services through new channels such as voice assistants and mobile wallets.

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Telecommunications Use Case: Cross-Selling

incremental collections & retentions

Leading 4G telecommunications provider achieves 60% incremental retentions and collections

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