Meeting the challenges of omnichannel retail

Great retail experiences—the ones that speed conversions, create brand loyalty, and foster future revenue—require seamless transitions across a complex set of customer-facing activites from marketing and merchandising to purchase and fulfillment to post-sale service and support.

Adding even more complexity, customers move quickly and easily from channel to channel, in-store and online, expecting to be recognized, remembered, and appreciated regardless of where, when, and how they shop, purchase, or othewise engage.

omnichannel retail marketing

Resulticks can help

With its big data backbone, omnichannel experience orchestration, and advanced analytics, Resulticks takes shoppers on a seamless journey from awareness to conversion to brand loyalty and beyond.

Leveraging a wealth of customer and prospect data

Retailers are blessed with a wealth of data—structured and unstructured, owned and acquired—from disparate sources ranging from customer interactions, transactions, and loyalty programs to web browsing habits, social conversations, and more. Resulticks consolidates, integrates, and analyzes all available data to create a single customer view, personas, and micro—segments for precise targeting of tailored messaging and promotions.

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leveraging data
omnichannel experience

Orchestrating individualized, omnichannel experiences

Resulticks’ sophisticated rules engine enables retailers to engage in real-time conversations and to create unique brand experiences based on the individual shopper’s preferences, propensities, and current stage in the selling cycle. With the platform’s omnichannel reach, retailers can interact meaningfully with customers regardless of how they choose to shop and purchase whether on the go, online, or in-store.

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Monitoring, measuring, and improving performance

Resulticks full suite of advanced analytics predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive—equips retailers with the tools they need to constantly monitor campaign and promotion performance, make mid-stream corrections, document attributions, and continuously improve results and marketing ROI.

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retail marketing analytics
retail marketing analytics

Retail Use Case: In-store Customer Experience

World’s #1 Smartphone Manufacturer captures market share

See how we helped a leading smartphone manufacturer outshine the competition with record-breaking incremental conversions.

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