Staying competitive in a shifting landscape

Renter or buyer, residential or commercial, real estate clients are so digitally influenced and empowered that they come to the market loaded with information, but far less prepared for what comes next. It’s in this constantly evolving environment ripe with opportunity, where the technology-enabled realtor can thrive.

To engage today’s savvy consumers, real estate agents, brokers, developers, and owners must do more than simply post a wealth of listings. They must create dynamic experiences at every touch point. It’s no longer just a transaction, it’s a highly individualized conversational experience that continues from first contact through closing and beyond.

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Resulticks can help

Big-data driven, Resulticks empowers real estate professionals with tools and marketplace intelligence to engage prospects in real time at every critical touch point from search, consideration, and negotiation to contracting, closing, and occupancy.

data-driven prospecting

Data-driven prospecting, nurturing and conversion

By consolidating data from virtually any source—CRM, online transaction and developer databases, listing and scheduler apps, location-based data, other data from web sources, and more—Resulticks helps define lead scoring patterns, target prospects based on property interests, rank them within the funnel, and guide them toward closing using continuously updated profile data, behavior patterns, and propensities.

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real-time interactions

Real-time interactions as the marketplace changes

With Resulticks, you can build client confidence by responding in real-time to specific event triggers, such as price changes, new listings, or competing bids. You can orchestrate and elevate the prospect’s experience holistically by tailoring messages to shifting circumstances and timing interactions to critical decision points across multiple channels.

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marketplace intelligence

Marketplace intelligence for improving performance

With revenues streaming from both buyers and sellers, and multiple entities claiming a stake in transactions, reliable marketplace intelligence can create competitive advantage. Resulticks captures and reports the performance data you need to monitor and improve listings, inquiries, site visits, the appointments to transactions ration, database quality, and more.

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Real Estate Use Case: Leveraging Data for Acquisition

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Success Story

Online property portal enjoys 5% incremental conversions

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