Gaining customer loyalty and competitive advantage in real time

Arguably, the travelling consumer has more channel choices and digital touch points for accessing information, completing transactions, and voicing opinions than in any other industry. Cutthroat competition on price, flexibility, and amenities is a given.

And those are just the baseline dimensions. Gaining true competitive advantage depends on creating holistic experiences by sustaining real-time, relevant interactions and providing exemplary service and support at every stage from planning and booking to the experience itself to post-experience follow-up and relationship building.

Leveraging a wealth of customer and prospect data

Resulticks can help

Built on a solid foundation of big data and new generation technologies, Resulticks empowers brands to create the single customer view required to compete across the broad spectrum of travel and hospitality channels and to transform the potential traveler into a buyer and brand loyalist.

real time omnichannle

Integrating and managing a storehouse of disparate data

The volume of data available to travel and hospitality brands is massive and originates from widely diverse sources—reservations and bookings, CRM, loyalty and redemption, customer service, social conversations, and more. Resulticks integrates that disparate data to create a single customer view for scoring and nurturing leads and moving the individual toward booking.

store house data

Orchestrating a true real-time omnichannel experience

Because travel and hospitality consumers are constantly on the move, delivering a rewarding real-time, omnichannel experience regardless of the device they’re using is critical. Resulticks equips brands with the most up-to-date information at every touch point from travel planning, managing itineraries, and check-ins to personalizing service and support during travel to ensuring loyalty, repeat business, and future revenues.

Improve ROI with reduced costs

Monitoring, measuring, and improving performance

Resulticks’ full suite of advanced analytics—predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive—equips travel and hospitality brands with the tools and insights required to monitor and improve KPIs like booking ratios, average handle time, self-service usage, loyalty points converted, customer and content engagement ratings, and much more.

Hospitality Industry Use Case: Seamless User Engagement

A global hospitality chain increases ROI by 30%

Success Story

Global hospitality chain boosts ROI by almost 30%

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