Confronting the complexities of the patient journey

To stay competitive in an ecosystem driven by uncertain economics, new delivery models, and advancing technology, healthcare organizations face the multifaceted challenge of optimizing patient experiences and treatment outcomes, controlling costs, growing revenues, and all the while ensuring compliance with HIPPA and other patient protection standards.

As patients increasingly turn to online resources to navigate the complex maze of preventive, clinical, and other provider and payer services, healthcare organizations must engage deeply and proactively across all channels, both digital and traditional. No longer an aspiration, the seamless patient experience has become mission critical.

healthcare patient journey

Resulticks can help

With its big data foundation, omnichannel engagement, and advanced analytics, Resulticks helps healthcare organizations deliver consistently rewarding patient experiences that secure loyalty, referrals, and future revenue streams.

Developing a unified, single customer view

Healthcare organizations have the potential to access an abundance of consumer data from disparate, siloed sources including both structured and unstructured data. These sources range from patient records, clinical interactions, and payer transactions to online behaviors, social conversations, and more. Resulticks consolidates data from all available sources, then integrates and analyzes it to create a single customer view across all touch points—key to clear communication, continuity of care, and protection of patient privacy.

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developing customer view

Helping patients navigate complexity

Compared to their other online experiences, in retail and travel for example, consumers view healthcare as inefficient, inconvenient, and condescending. Resulticks’ single patient view and sophisticated rules engine enable healthcare organizations to engage in real-time interactions tailored specifically to the consumer’s health needs or status, preferences, and propensities, regardless of whether they’re seeking information, treatment options, assistance in accessing care, or follow-up services. Learn More

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Treatment & follow-up

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Potential Opportunities

Monitoring, measuring, and improving performance

Resulticks' full suite of advanced predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive analytics equips healthcare organizations to better leverage technology to deliver and enhance satisfactory patient relationships. It also gives healthcare marketers powerful tools for monitoring performance and demonstrating return on investment in technology-enabled patient experiences.

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monitoring, measuring and improving performance

Healthcare Use Case: Seamless Patient Experience

regional healthcare realizes 10x incremental

Success Story

Regional healthcare network realizes 15% incremental conversions

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