Meeting the challenges of fast-paced change and channel complexity

The breathtakingly fast pace of innovation in the consumer electronics market is matched only by how quickly today’s breakthrough can become tomorrow’s commodity. Compounding that challenge are the industry’s complex business models and competing sales channels.

Gaining competitive advantage often comes down to which brand can create the most compelling, individualized customer experiences. And that means developing a deep, personal connection with the consumer from the start. It’s the key to acquisition, retention, and brand loyalty—the essentials of sustained growth.

consumer electronics marketing

Resulticks can help

Leveraging Resulticks’ big data backbone, omnichannel reach, and advanced analytics, consumer electronics brands can deliver individualized, seamless customer journeys from awareness to conversion to brand loyalty and beyond.

marketing sense

Making marketing sense out of disparate data

Although electronics brands generally have access to vast volumes of consumer data, their complex business models and distribution chains challenge them to maximize its value. Resulticks consolidates, integrates, and analyzes that data to create the single customer view, personas, and micro-segments for precise targeting, compelling messaging, and truly individual customer journeys.

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individualized omnichannel experiences

Orchestrating individualized experiences across channels

Consumer electronics customers naturally gravitate toward digital channels, forcing brands to constantly adapt to changing consumer behaviors like “webrooming.” Resulticks’ sophisticated rules engine and Smart Link technology empower brands to create unique brand experiences based on the individual consumer’s preferences, propensities, and current stage in the conversion cycle. With the platform’s omnichannel reach, brands can engage meaningfully with customers wherever they choose to shop and purchase.

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monitoring, measuring and improving performance

Monitoring, measuring, and improving performance

Resulticks full suite of advanced analytics—predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive—equips retailers with the tools they need to continuously monitor campaign and promotion performance, make mid-stream corrections, document attributions, and continuously improve results and marketing ROI.

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A Customer’s Retention Journey

incremental conversions

World’s #1 Smartphone Manufacturer captures market share

See how we helped a leading smartphone manufacturer outshine the competition with record-breaking incremental conversions.

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