Driving growth through omnichannel individualization

Connecting with today’s beauty shoppers is all about recognition and unique experiences across all channels from social to web to mobile and across the online/offline divide.

Sustaining growth and loyalty hinges on orchestrating continuous experiences enriched with relevant messaging and delivered in real time independent of channel or device. This is the formula for engagement, acquisition, retention, and advocacy—starting with the first impression.

beauty & personal care marketing

Resulticks can help

With its big data backbone and AI-powered analytics, Resulticks distills real-time, contextual insights to delight the individual beauty consumer with omnichannel journeys that lead to conversions and lasting connections.

customer data

Data delivers the personal touch

Beauty brands sit on a treasure trove of consumer data—web behavior, demographics, CRM, purchase patterns, social conversations, and much more. This wealth of data, however, often remains scattered across the brand’s internal silos and external networks. Resulticks consolidates these siloed or untapped data sources to create a unified view of the consumer, the key to relevant, individualized communications.

real-time interactions

Orchestrating omnichannel experiences in real time

Today’s quest for beauty criss-crosses an ever expanding array of channels, including virtual assistants, augmented reality, and QR codes. Whatever the touchpoint, Resulticks contextualizes each interaction with real-time intelligence, leveraging a sophisticated rules-engine to maximize reach, engagement, and conversion through seamless, consistently rewarding interactions.

monitoring performance

Monitoring, measuring, and improving performance

Resulticks full suite of advanced analytics—predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive—empowers beauty brands with the robust tools and comprehensive insights—from detailed attributions to ROIs—to stay on top of current campaigns and initiatives and continuously improve performance and outcomes.

Engagement through offers

beauty brand success story

Success Story

Major beauty brand boosts online revenues by 20%*

*Over and above traditional/offline sales.

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