Gaining advantage through real-time conversation marketing

With little to differentiate their offerings, banks struggle to find a competitive edge. Widespread adoption of transaction-focused, self-service technologies has depersonalized customer relationships, making meaningful engagement with the full portfolio of products and services—the key to sustained growth—more difficult than ever.

Ironically, technology could well be the key to bridging the personalization gap and gaining competitive advantage. Just as other consumer-facing industries like retail and travel have embraced marketing automation to individualize customer experiences, banks too can elevate technology beyond the transactional to the conversational with individually tailored product and service offerings in real time.

real-time conversation marketing

Resulticks can help

With its big data backbone, omnichannel experience orchestration, and advanced analytics, Resulticks helps financial institutions deliver seamless, individualized customer experiences.

Unlocking the power of data

Banks serve as repositories for more than money; they have vast stores of valuable consumer data. In strict compliance with regulations, Resulticks offers a hybrid model for financial institutions that consolidates and integrates core banking and CRM systems data with data from various other touch points—ATMs, POS, phone banking, net banking, and in-branch kiosks—to create the single customer view banks require for personalized engagement and contextual experiences.

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Unlocking the power of data
Enhance customer satisfaction

Orchestrating seamless experiences across all channels

Resulticks' highly evolved machine learning and modeling capabilities take into account individual propensities and dynamically prioritize the right messaging, advice, offers, and the right channel to achieve the best results, whether for marketing or customer service. The platform’s omnichannel reach enables those interactions to transition seamlessly from in-bank and online to mobile, ATMs, and beyond. It is also equipped to enable digital identity management before login regardless of device.

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secure customer information

Securing and protecting customer information

Resulticks conforms to regulatory requirements and data privacy laws specific to financial services providers in every market through hybrid deployments, application security, geofencing, and a high-degree of encryption.

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Improve ROI with reduced costs

Advanced analytics for performance improvement and growth

Resulticks' full suite of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics capabilities helps assess performance and fine—tune competitive advantage, for example by: leveraging your digitally engaged customer base for cross—selling and upselling across the best channels; improving loyalty and reducing churn by ensuring all functional areas can access consistent customer information; or boosting customer acquisition through surrogate mapping to find the prospects most likely to respond to your offerings.

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Banking Use Case: Channel Swapping

seamless omnichannel experience

Success Story

One of Asia’s largest private sector banks enjoys 5% incremental inflows.

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