How Resulticks can help

power of big data

The power of big data captured

Every time a mouse clicks, a screen is touched, a web page opens, valuable consumer data is created—likes and dislikes, preferences and personalities, biases and behaviors. Capturing and integrating that with volumes of other meaningful data from virtually any source—SAP, CRM, e-commerce, web analytics, and more—Resulticks creates a dynamic, high-resolution snapshot of your most engaged and most valuable customers, a point of view that continuously refreshes itself.

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audience segmentation

Segment-of-one targeting

Because customers expect you to know precisely who they are and exactly what they want, Resulticks' data-driven 360° audience analytics reveals each of your customers and prospects in an entirely new light—their wants and needs, how they behave, and who they influence. Digging deep into individual behaviors, preferences, and circumstances, you can zero in on the individual most likely to say yes to your messaging.

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omnichannel campaign creation

Dynamic campaign creation

Practically any channel can come into play at every stage of the consumer journey—pre-sale, time of purchase, and post-sale. Resulticks’ dynamic campaign creation capabilities and data-driven insights expand your options for delivering contextually relevant content—product details and comparisons, special offers, product reviews—based on the individuals' recent behaviors and current stage in the conversion journey.

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real-time conversations

Compelling, real-time conversations

Right time, right place right message sounds simple. It isn’t—unless you have the right tools. Resulticks gives you the insights and technological firepower you need to engage in real-time conversations with compelling content across any channel at the moment it will have the greatest impact. Whether it’s a first time buyer weighing options or a loyal customer expecting highly personalized attention, you keep a continuous connection that leads to conversion.

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closing loop on conversions

Closing the loop on conversions

The marketer's dream: at-a-glance campaign performance statistics, big data analytics, benchmarks in easy-to-understand language, and meaningful visuals created by marketers for business decision making, all captured in one place with a wide array of easily customized, detailed reports. What’s more, Resulticks empowers marketers to attribute every conversion — and its value — at the segment-of-one level.

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b2c case study

Ideal user journey of a B2C client using Resulticks

True omnichannel marketing automation. Realized.