How Resulticks can help

sales infrastructure

Leveraging existing sales infrastructure

Make the most of all your existing data sources and systems. Consolidate and integrate meaningful data from virtually any source, including Salesforce, SAP, CRM, e-commerce, web analytics, and more. Use it to craft precisely targeted strategies, messages, and campaigns.

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bridging offline to online gap

Bridging the offline to online gap

Facilitate sales and marketing events with in-built tools, forms, and non-traditional B2B channels such as QR codes and beacons for customer engagement. Roll out campaigns in no time using recipes that automatically targets your leads and contacts over the right channels (including the likes of Linkedin, webinars, and more), but also re-targets to ensure maximum reach.

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reporting and attribution

Reporting and attribution back to the source

Document and attribute conversions, using Resulticks Smart Link technology across both your online and offline channels. Synchronize all data back to your original sources to ensure the integrity of internal systems and to deliver improved insights.

b2b case study

A seamless omnichannel experience for the B2B customer.

A redesigned customer journey connecting the offline and online world.