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Discover transformative insights on all areas of omnichannel marketing from Resulticks' assets.

10 dos and don'ts of omnichannel email marketing

Here's a checklist for the 10 key do's and don't of omnichannel email marketing. Take your email marketing to the next level with these tips.

Hybrid implementation checklist

Keep your customer data secure with hybrid deployment. Learn the basic steps you need to take before you adopt this approach.

Resulticks cloud: A security perspective

Learn about the four layers of robust security Resulticks provides.

How to create a valuable persona

Get actionable tips for creating personas that add relevance and impact to your targeted marketing efforts.

How do you evaluate a CDP?

Know the key capabilities and characteristics you should look for as you evaluate which CDP is the right solution for you.

URL shortener vs Smart Link

Discover why the Resulticks Smart Link is so much more than a URL shortener.

AI, ML, and better customer experience

Learn about the ways in which AI and machine learning can help deliver better customer experiences.

Types of triggers

Learn about the event triggers delivered by Resulticks.

Is your organization omnichannel ready?

Organizations need to assess their omnichannel maturity to understand their current state as compared to the desired state and fill the required gap to achieve it successfully.

Social media : Connecting back to real business objectives

Social media is not just 'how you look socially' but also an effective way to connect with your customers and attain business goals.

Voice assistants: A quick intro to the next big thing in marketing

Digital voice assistants need no introduction. They recognize human speech, interpret it, and reply by voice. They have been in the market for quite some time, and significant growth is evident in their adoption rate. The voice revolution has already started with home and mobile devices being the prominent interfaces, and it won’t be long before we can expect them to be an integral part of our daily lives.

Internet of things: Where does it mean today?

Learn about the impact of IoT, its various applications and key points to consider for its strategic implementation in this brief infographic.

14 facts: Why email marketing is still critical

In the age of omnichannel personalization, email, an admittedly legacy channel, remains as vital as ever. Here are fourteen compelling facts marketers like you should know about email, still a preferred consumer channel worldwide.

Push notifications 5 quick use cases

Push notification is a valuable channel for engaging your web/mobile visitors, here are 5 quick use cases.

Reference architecture model for the 2020s: Omnichannel CX stack

To create the architecture capable of supporting the full scope of next-level omnichannel customer experiences, these tech stack components are essential: