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Marketing flab to fab challenge

Exhausted by marketing buzzwords and hype? Struggling with software that doesn’t deliver? Research says you’re not alone. Learn more. Read the Marketing Flab to Fab Report today.

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360-degree customer view: A primer

The road to a 360-degree customer view differs for every brand. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

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<h2>360-degree customer view: A primer</h2>

Omnichannel delivery: A primer

Today’s customers inhabit a world of digital devices, touch points, and channels. To deliver a seamless experience brands have to meet customers at the time and place of their preference. Here's a guide with 10 tips to build your omnichannel game plan.

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Real-time marketing: A primer

Accustomed to seamless experiences, empowered by the immediacy of their mobile devices, and expecting instant gratification, consumers have no patience for delayed responses and slow deliveries. Here are 10 tips for your real-time marketing success.

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<h2>Real-time marketing: A primer</h2>

The 21-day fix for artificial intelligence

If you’re feeling like the promise of AI isn’t coming true for you, you’re not alone. Almost half of the respondents in our Marketing Flab to Fab survey said AI was more fantasy than reality. Here's a 21-day plan for your AI strategy.

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The 21-day fix for big data

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the size and complexity of big data?Or your efforts to harness it have not met expectations? Then brush off all your worries with the 21-day data consolidation plan, which helps you implement a methodical, rigorous strategy, realistic goals, and incremental process to yield the results you seek.

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<h2>The 21-day fix for big data</h2>

The 21-day fix for omnichannel

Today’s customers are digitally empowered, who interact with brands across channels and devices at will—anywhere and anytime. Consequently, Brands have to crisscross the path divide alongside their customers to orchestrate frictionless, seamless experiences and consistently satisfy their perpetually moving customers. So, gear up to take the omnichannel challenge.

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The 21-day fix for personalization

Long gone are the days when personalization meant little more than addressing a customer by name.Today’s digitally-savvy consumers expect individualized brand experiences completed with real-time interactions. Take your personalization action a notch higher with our 21-day guided, step-by-step exercises.

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<h2>The 21-day fix for personalization</h2>

The 21-day fix for real-time marketing

The entire concept of real-time marketing has been redefined. Compelling, contextual, and evolving experiences can now be delivered within milliseconds, and digitally-savvy customers expect nothing less. Marketers must stay up to speed. Here are some quick measures for you to tweak your existing real-time strategy.

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