Brands We Serve

American express
Up to
120 billion
attributes consolidated
per client
Up to
90 million
million incremental
revenue achieved
Up to
10 billion
communications delivered
per month
rules engine

Unify and Augment All Your Data

Why leave your data in silos? Connect to 75+ APIs and unify all your data sources for a robust data foundation—one that ensures 100% customer profiles.

Orchestrate Campaigns that Click

Build infinite customer journeys. Deploy dynamic responses that are optimized in real time. Drive your customers to deeper engagement, conversion, and beyond.

Omnichannel Rules Engine
rules engine

Dissect Every Campaign

Configure your reports with detailed benchmarking. Access all the key metrics and actionable insights. Tap into predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive analytics to plan, evolve, and understand your campaigns better than competition.

Know Your Customers, 360°

Their interests, reactions, propensities, preferences, past interactions, and more. Their entire journey with you. We help you truly learn about the customer.

Omnichannel Rules Engine

You want to deliver instantly individualized, omnichannel customer journeys.

Resulticks is built to do just that.