The imperative to do business in real-time is real. Are you up to speed?

Today’s tech-savvy, channel-agnostic consumers have come to expect sophisticated, individualised experiences in real time across whatever channel they choose to engage. As a consequence, the tolerable time for brand to respond has dwindled from minutes to seconds, and now, to milliseconds.

In fact, a recent Resulticks study of enterprise omnichannel readiness found that 65 percent of respondents say real-time marketing is the priority for them in 2019. This underscores the fact that as companies undergo more intensive digital transformations, the concept of real-time interactions among consumers, businesses, and communities will become a given globally.

Get up to speed on real-time now.

So, how do businesses that haven’t yet begun start to lay the groundwork for real-time marketing? Or, if you’re already on the real-time pathway, what resources, strategies, and solutions should you embrace to ensure the best outcomes?

Here are some information-packed resources to help get you up to speed quickly.

Data consolidation

Training Manual

Real-Time Marketing: A Primer

Find actionable insights and practical guidance in the areas that demand the most immediate attention—data consolidation and integration, individualisation and security, context and relevance.
Multi-touch conversion

White Paper

Maximise Your Customer Data for a Real-Time Marketing Edge

In marketing today, one thing seems clear: Whoever wields data most skillfully will rise above the competition. But what’s a marketer to do when there’s a data deluge and hardly a byte is useful? This white paper answers that question.
Seamless engagement


How to Get Real-Time Ready

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