What is the Omnichannel Rules Engine?

This is a decision engine governing the type, frequency and responses for potentially every interaction across any channel with individual audience members.

Omnichannel Rules Engine
rules engine

How it works

The rules engine recognizes events associated with audience communications, identifies and prioritizes rules mapped with these events, and then triggers automated responses that drive the best results for brands.

How it enables your brand

Simplify and automate communications to dynamically align with diverse scenarios, leading to better lead nurturing, engagement, and servicing.

maximize impact
Maximize impact

Suppression rules around frequency, channel, and type of communications

customer enhancement
Enhance customer journeys

Real time response rules around transactions, lifecycle events, personas, and propensities

extend conversations
Extend conversations

Engagement rules governing communication responses and next best actions

Want to sustain continuous, relevant conversations across the entire user journey from first impression to conversion?

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