Campaign Selection

Start by choosing how best to connect with your audiences. Use single-dimension campaigns for routine user journeys along pre-designated channel sets. With multi-dimension campaigns, switch channels dynamically based on each user’s responses and propensities at various stages of the journey. With trigger campaigns, you can interact contextually with each user based on external transaction data, market data, or even the user’s lifecycle with your brand.

campaign selection

Powerful Campaign Orchestration

Expedite the next step of campaign setup and authoring with Resulticks’ easy drag-and-drop, state-of-the-art campaign canvas and visual tool palette. You can build infinite user journey paths using just-in-time analytics and a library of campaign recipes for quick adoption.

Tap into the power of AI to streamline campaign building while ensuring impact with the campaign auto generation option. From target list creation to customer journey mapping, Resulticks automatically curates your entire campaign based on past campaigns, detailed benchmarking, deep audience insights, and machine learning—so you can finesse the details and prepare for impact.

campaign setup

Mobile Conversion Mapping

Maximize the insights harnessed from mobile app interactions by tracking conversions down to each click. Open your Resulticks app, shake your phone to establish connection, and pinpoint the fields and buttons where key user events should be monitored.

campaign setup

Campaign Summary Analytics

Finally, optimize reach and enhance engagement across channels with real-time response processing, automated suppression and prioritization of rules. With the Resulticks Smart Link, you can track entire user journeys, conversions, and dropouts across the online/offline chasm.

resulticks campaign analytics
  • Seamless User Journeys

    Walk side-by-side with each of your users on their unique journey to conversion.


    Interact with them as they move across channels of their choice—email, SMS, In-app, web, and social media.

    Customers Customers Customers
    Social share Paid ads Push notifications Voice assistant SMS Email


    Interact through all their devices and screens like voice assistants, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets as well as ATMs, in-store kiosks, and POS machines.

  • Continuing Conversations

    Engage in continuous conversations with audiences in real time—conversations that respond to their needs in real time motivating them to make the right choices at that time and place in their journey.

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     Continuing Conversations
  • Contextual Communications

    With Resulticks' big data backbone, incorporate critical context into every communication to make your messaging more relevant, compelling, and focused on the outcomes you want.

     Contextual  Communications
  • Attributable Conversions

    Track users across each campaign as well as their entire relationship with your brand to attribute the value of each conversion as well as the overall lifetime value of each customer.

    Multi-touch conversion attribution

    Find out which marketing channel(s) or campaign(s) should be credited with the conversion to help you allocate future expense to acquire new customers.

    Multi-touch Attribution

    Channel contribution
    to conversion

    Multi-touch Attribution
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