Why Resulticks

  • 1.Powered by Big Data

    Resulticks consolidates structured and unstructured data, updating it constantly from data sources—yours or third party, historic, demographic, transactional, and social.

  • 2.Segment-of-One Targeting

    Resulticks uses sophisticated data segmentation and AI modeling to turn data into customer insights for orchestrating highly personalized campaigns.

  • 3.Real-Time Engagement

    Based on the preferences and propensities of each individual, Resulticks seamlessly orchestrates contextual conversations across devices and channels in real time.

  • 4.Multi-Touch Conversion Attribution

    Resulticks solves every marketer’s biggest challenge by tracking results and attributing conversion—and its value—at the segment-of-one level.

How Resulticks Works

Smart Link Technology

Identify, recognize, and track each target’s journey across owned, earned, and paid media with Resulticks Smart Link—an individualized yet universal deferred deep link.

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Smart link
Omnichannel Rules Engine

Omnichannel Rules Engine

Set complex business rules to manage the type and frequency of interactions with individual audience members as they engage with your brand in real time.

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Machine Learning and AI

Boost marketing ROI with Resulticks’ advanced big data and machine learning capabilities, which yield instant audience insights, industry benchmarks, and new perspectives on what’s happening in the marketplace.

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Machine Learning

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