Big Data Consolidation

Resulticks acts as your reliable customer data platform, consolidating structured and unstructured data from all your digital native, industry, and brand channels. Advanced algorithms then identify and map the multiple identities of audience members within this data platform, enabling you to interact in context and in real time with them at the right time and right place.


Data Exchange

With a consolidated customer data platform—cleansed and normalized—you can tap into it and other live sources using more than 75+ readily available API's, which are able to bi-directionally synchronize the data and leverage it for advanced segmentation and targeting.

big data augmentation

Big Data Augmentation

Regardless of how much data you start with, Resulticks delivers near 100% audience profiling over time with demographic, transactional, social, behavioral, and psychographic details derived constantly from the data connections and campaign responses.

Data Security

Rest assured that the safety and privacy of your data is protected by a tiered security architecture with multifactor authentication, multilayered 256-bit encryption, obfuscation of key profile data, SSL encryption during transfers, and additional controls for regulated access.

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