Impactful customer relationships begin with individualized engagement and a holistic view of their journey.

Make the most of personalization attributes

Identify from your audience data all the attributes—name, gender, age, location, and more—required for personalized communications. Select and embed multiple attributes into your emails, SMS, notifications, or other communications to individualize them for each member of your target segment.

Maximize engagement with dynamic content

Query and embed individual attributes specific to your target segment—such as IDs and coupon codes—into your campaign content to add another layer of personalization. Connect to live RSS feeds to update your communication content in real time until the moment of delivery.

Seize attention with content targeting

Dynamically personalize communication content elements for micro audience segmentation based on preferences, propensities, and a diversity of other attributes.

Optimize engagement with next-best management

Ensure relevance and drive immediate results with action, content, offer, and product recommendations selected for each member of your target lists based on past and real-time behavior.

Acquire, augment, and activate unified audience view

Identity resolution enabled by Resulticks’ Smart Duo helps you recognize individual audience members at every touch point and unify their multiple identities across channels and data sources into singular profiles. Smart Duo also powers increasingly personalized communications by continuously enriching individual profiles with every interaction.

Target precisely with advanced segmentation

Define the exact audience for your campaign from diverse attributes, complex rules, and more with advanced segmentation. Generate your audience in real-time based on behavior and relevant conditions to deliver tailored interactions at the perfect moment.

Personalize landing pages through CMS integration

Thanks to its easy integration with CMS systems, Resulticks enables you to personalize the pages—based on past interactions, propensities, and other attributes—at which audience members arrive after clicking on the Smart Link.

Personalize customer engagement at scale with Resulticks.

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