More and more businesses are turning to omnichannel marketing, and for good reason: this tool gives consumers greater choice over their experience, thus promoting greater customer retention.

As omnichannel marketing becomes a main focus for businesses in Southeast Asia, there is much to be learned from how they perceive the sophisticated integrated approach, ranging from which markets are most confident, how ‘leaders’ differ from ‘laggards’ and the types of challenges businesses are facing when implementing these sophisticated strategies.

To find out more about how businesses across Southeast Asia are considering omnichannel, as well as their marketing focuses for the near future, Resulticks is presenting a webinar on the latest insights from our report,“State of Enterprise Readiness for Omnichannel in Southeast Asia”.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Gain the latest research-based insights on how enterprise businesses across Southeast Asia are incorporating and leveraging omnichannel strategies
  • Learn what separates omnichannel ‘leaders’ from the ‘laggards’
  • Explore the challenges and pain points businesses in the region are encountering when implementing omnichannel approaches
  • See the future of integrated marketing, including leveraging AI and marketing tech tools to deliver real-time, omnichannel brand engagement

Jay Pring

Head of Sales – APAC,

Jeff Rajeck

Research Analyst,

State of Enterprise Readiness for Omnichannel in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is gradually becoming a multichannel commerce stronghold, with enormous digital appetites and highly competitive commercial sectors fuelling an increase in omnichannel practices.

A joint Resulticks-Econsultancy effort, this report goes into incredible detail about how businesses are making omnichannel an integral part of their marketing plans. Today, brands need to be able to reach consumers across all platforms and channels, as well as be intimately familiar with all aspects of the individual customer – from the devices and channels they use, to the context of the interaction.

While adopting omnichannel methods may be daunting for legacy businesses, which often have decades worth of processes in place and mindsets that can be difficult to change, the opportunity to learn from their nimbler counterparts exist.

Omnichannel Imperative Cover

You’ll earn:

  • What omnichannel business leaders do differently from their peers
  • The importance of omnichannel for enterprise companies
  • Complexities and challenges associated with omnichannel
  • Data and technology requirements

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