Comprehensive, single-view campaign summary report

Big data analytics and on-the-spot reporting in terms you can understand, act on, and use for better decision making and improved outcomes.
Omnichannel Analytics

More than a snapshot.
A wealth of information at your fingertips.

User 360 Analytics

easily digested

On a single page see highlights of audience preferences and activities, performance against campaign targets, analytics, and benchmark comparison, all in easily understood graphic formats.

Pre campaign analytics

Benefit from automated predictive analytics on customers’ behavior and needs during campaign authoring, based on historical and current customer data as well as propensity analysis.

Pre campaign analytics
Campaign Recommendations

Recommendations you can act on

Once your campaign is up and running, Resulticks offers recommendations to help you identify failure points and make midstream corrections to boost performance.

Detailed trend analytics across multiple regions, business units, channels, goals

Drill down to learn more about audience and sentiment or to view more detailed analytics. Use different views and filters for analytics and benchmarking to customize your summary.

Campaign Analytics Campaign Analytics
Campaign Analytics Campaign Analytics

One-click exporting

Just click on an icon to turn your report into a snapshot, PDF, or email. Real-time data means you can send updated reports as often as you like.