Meet the Fantastic Five of customer engagement, the must-have martech capabilities essential to overcoming the inertia of dated systems and transforming omnichannel engagement into an engine of top-line growth.

Alone, each is a powerful capability. Deployed in unison, they create compelling customer experiences, drive conversion, and accelerate revenue growth.

Marketing Analytics Solutions for Customer Engagement

Actionable data

Actionable data



Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Conversion attribution

Conversion Attribution



Sophie pibouin

Sophie Pibouin

EVP of Sales - Americas

Retail marketing today is about continuous, contextual conversations that are personally relevant at the moment of greatest impact. Still, many marketers feel challenged and frustrated by siloed data, yesterday’s technology and the constant demand to demonstrate ROI.

Join Sophie Pibouin as she explores how the fantastic five of customer engagement will help marketers break through these barriers to reach digitally-savvy consumers and drive conversions.

Evolving the customer

Actionable consumer behavior insights
in retail, banking and hospitality


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