NRF 2019



The Evolution of Retail

How Technology and Women Are Disrupting the Way We Shop

Girls Lounge, 13th January, 10:30 AM


From digitally savvy shoppers to business visionaries, women are changing the landscape of retail.

How are brands responding to the diverse needs of this powerful, ever-evolving consumer base? How are mobile, social, and emerging technology—such as AI, blockchain, and chatbots—changing the way women shop? And how can brands leverage these evolutions to stand out from competition?

Dive into these questions and much more with retail leaders in this much anticipated discussion at the first ever Girl’s Lounge of NRF.


tony drockton

Tony Drockton

Founder and Chief Cheerleader

nicky hilton

Nicky Hilton

Fashion Designer

ali kriegsman

Ali Kriegsman

Co-Founder and COO

janet sherlock

Janet Sherlock

Chief Information Officer
Ralph Lauren

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