The Smart URL gets Smarter

With Resulticks, digital marketers can for the first time, get a measure and analyze true end-to-end conversions on their omnichannel campaigns. This feature has been instrumental in determining the actual attribution of top-line results of brands due to the deployment of Resulticks with their campaign communications programs.

With continued research and adoption of the latest in technology, the platform has now enhanced this feature further, to include tracking of not just those who successfully converted, but also others who might have merely been engaged with the campaign or even played the role of an influencer.

“With this new enhancement, we can dig a little deeper into how users behave, interact with content, the path they are taking after engagement and what influences their actions thereafter. As a digital marketer myself, I see the possibilities of what this can achieve and I’m excited that we’ve been able to build this unique ability into our platform.” Said Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO, Resulticks.

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