The Samsung connection continues

18 Mar 2015

Samsung with Resulticks

Resulticks takes great pleasure in announcing that Samsung India Mobiles has decided to extend its working relationship with the company into 2015. Through this engagement, which began mid last year, Samsung has leveraged Resulticks’ marketing capabilities to help sustain momentum in the highly competitive Indian smartphone market by deploying special programs focused on upgrading existing customers and winning back its past customers.

Within the span of only a few months, a team of data analysts, platform specialists, and marketing strategists have created and deployed numerous web, email and mobile SMS campaigns designed to gather deep customer insights and refine targeting strategies leveraging Big Data.

The result has been an augmented customer database with millions of customer records across numerous categories, contributing to a significant increase in device upgrades and win-backs in a remarkably short time.

As part of this next phase, the Resulticks team will work with Samsung to extend the brand’s reach across other channels such as social media and continue to focus on its business objectives in alignment with marketing strategy for the next couple of quarters.

Resulticks CEO, Redickaa Subrammanian says, “We share Samsung’s delight with the results that have been achieved in such short order. The success of this partnership underscores the proven benefits of having a dedicated omnichannel marketing automation engine in place. We expect to achieve even greater success with Samsung in the months to come.”