Top marketing execs explore AI-powered engagement across the full customer lifecycle

New York City, NY. February 28, 2019

CMOdinner 2019

On February 28, marketing leaders from some of the world’s biggest brands like L’Oréal, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale’s, Citi, Goldman Sachs, and Hilton gathered at a Resulticks-hosted event to explore how artificial intelligence can power data-driven customer engagement.

Focused on the theme Data, Context, Insights: The power of AI in the customer engagement cycle, Resulticks CEO Redickaa Subrammanian laid out a blueprint for how AI enables innovative user journeys, quicker conversion, major leaps in customer loyalty, and revenue growth.

“AI is becoming increasingly critical to customer-centric enterprise marketing. I was delighted to hear from so many future-minded marketers who recognize the value of smart, data-driven customer engagement that is rich in context, seamless across channels, and hyper-targeted at the individual consumer,” said Subrammanian. “They’re eager to lead transformations and see AI as a key strategic element.”

The Resulticks CMO Dinner in New York is one in a series of events over the coming months to bring marketing leaders from across wide-ranging industries together to examine how marketing automation can enable more individualized, real-time, conversion-focused customer interactions and engagement.

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