Global CMO event explores how AI supercharges the customer engagement lifecycle

New York City, NY. February 28, 2019

CMOdinner 2019

On February 28, marketing leaders from some of the most respected global brands like L’Oréal, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdales’, Citi, Goldman Sachs, and Hilton gathered at a Resulticks-hosted CMO event to explore how artificial intelligence opens up a world of new opportunities for data-driven customer engagement platforms.

Focusing on the event‘s theme, Data, Context, Insights: The power of AI in the customer engagement cycle, Resulticks CEO Redickaa Subrammanian addressed the most pressing challenges enterprise marketing executives face in delivering on their customer-centric brand promises.

“I was delighted,” she noted, “to talk with so many future-minded marketers eager to realize the value of smart, data-driven customer engagement. I was encouraged by their enthusiasm for a transformative solution that deliver engagement that is rich in context, seamless across channels, and hyper-targeted. It affirms the leadership role Resulticks has taken to make such a solution possible and practical.”

Using two global clients as case examples, Subrammanian explored the tangible benefits that an integrated customer engagement platform offers, including how Resulticks’ blueprint for AI-powered customer engagement enabled innovations in user journeys and powered major leaps in customer loyalty and revenue growth for the brands.

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