Resulticks at the Microsoft Leadership Series 2019 in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam. March 2, 2019

Microsoft Leadership Series 2019 in Vietnam

From February 28 to March 2, CIO’s from Vietnam's leading companies and Microsoft’s strategic partners gathered for the Leadership Series 2019 in Da Nang.

Exploring everything from Vietnam’s upcoming technology disruptions to cloud and analytics-enabled innovations, the event offered the executives the latest insights on digital transformation and showcased the solution offerings of Microsoft’s strategic partners.

Focusing on the theme of the Power of AI and Machine Learning in the Digital World, Akhil Mohan, Business Development Lead – APAC at Resulticks, broke down the benefits and challenges of these two marketing buzzwords, explored how they empower the company’s real-time audience engagement, while also sharing success stories and use cases from global brands driving growth through data-driven, smart individualization.

Jay Pring, Head of Sales – APAC at Resulticks, commented, “As a global partner of Microsoft with a fast-expanding presence in Vietnam, this was an excellent opportunity to understand the needs of tech leaders eager for a reinvention of their marketing tech stack and present the possibilities of a solution such as Resulticks to engage the country’s increasingly sophisticated consumers.”

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