Resulticks Accelerates Motorcycle Brand With Quality Datan

15 Oct 2015

Resulticks accelerates motorcycle brand

A globally recognized brand, this motorcycle manufacturer operates through a network of flagship stores, dealers, distributors and authorized service centers. With as many data touchpoints, it recognized the importance of consolidating information from across these points to be able to create comprehensive customer profiles, resulting in better servicing and communications.

Lending its expertise to this initiative, the Resulticks team integrated data sources ranging from dealer management systems and service centre databases to feedback data and even excel instruments to architect a sanitized customer store, following rigorous data cleansing and normalization exercises. The resultant data mart houses over million records and serves as the customer information hub governing the entire lifecycle from test drives to sales to post-sales servicing.

Speaking on the importance of initiative, Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO, Resulticks said, “Customer databases are our clients' most valuable asset. With a quality foundation now in place, our client can look forward to leveraging the data and augmenting it, through Resulticks’ omnichannel marketing communications capabilities across numerous touchpoints”.

With a vast pan-Indian presence and an international sales market, the motorcycle brand plans to ride on the power of Resulticks’ marketing automation account to reach, engage and convert audience globally, starting next quarter and into 2016.

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