Resulticks Delivers a Masterclass in Digital Marketing

14 Jun 2018

Resulticks Delivers Masterclass in Digital Marketing

On June 5, 2018, Resulticks took an audience of senior marketers on an informative journey to the frontiers of customer engagement as part of the Digital Marketing Masterclass in Melbourne, Australia.

Attended by marketing professionals from banking, energy, finance, fashion, luxury goods, online retail, and more, the masterclass featured a series of engaging use cases to illustrate the possibilities of real-time, omnichannel marketing automation today.

“As data sources and volume expand constantly and as new channels such as voice continue to proliferate, brands must become more deeply customer-centric than ever before,” noted Michael Lehmann, Senior Director of Business Development and Channel Enablement at Resulticks, “It was thrilling to experience our attendees’ interest in cutting-edge solutions that help them deliver seamless, highly individualized customer journeys and enrich lifetime customer values in a holistic way.”

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